Benefits Of RAMOPS Membership

This year, we’re focusing on improving RAMOPS’ presence and purpose, particularly with the SAMOPS Mentorship Program and determining how we can best help you as a resident. Below are some benefits of becoming a RAMOPS member. There is a one-time membership fee of $100 for 4 years.

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  • Support the only osteopathic organization for military physicians and medical students
  • Formal mentorship program with SAMOPS members (you are a mentor)
  • Mentorship program with attendings (you are a mentee)
  • Networking with other residents and physicians
  • Leadership opportunities (RAMOPS board, AMOPS committees, annual meeting planning)
  • Opportunity to win the American Osteopathic Foundation/AMOPS Outstanding Resident in Military Medicine Award – $5,000
  • Opportunities to present at national medical conference
  • Reduced registration fees for AMOPS conference
  • Facilitate program director webinar series for students
  • Participate in service projects (new this year!)
  • Opportunity to participate in AOA House of Delegates to make policy for the profession – the military actually is a division of the AOA and has dedicated seats in the HOD
  • Support advocacy initiatives that make a difference to military osteopathic physicians and the osteopathic profession

Questions? Let us know! Reach out to LT Susan Roberts at [email protected]